Den Doelder Pallets guarantees professional and reliable pallets. We specialize in supplying quality pallets as you want them and in delivering just-in-time. Due to our excellent location between the major ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp we can deliver fast and easy all through Europe.

Den Doelder Pallets produces more than two million pallets for a wide range of customers in West Europe every year. The largest part of our production goes to the steel, foodstuffs and chemical industries. Naturally, all our products meet strict quality and environmental requirements and comply with the international legislation ISPM15.

We can deliver standard pallets and custom-made products, in small quantities but also for a series of a hundred thousand.

– Standaard pallets en grote series maatwerk
– Vol automatische productielijnen
– 2 miljoen pallets productiecapaciteit
– Drie droogkamers
– 35 medewerkers
– Opslagmogelijkheid op open terrein en onder dak
– Altijd 100 vrachten pallets in diverse afmetingen op voorraad
– Eigen technische dienst

– Pallets in bijzondere afmetingen en ‘specials’
– Machinale en handmatige productie
– Productiecapaciteit van 350.000 producten
– Eén droogkamer
– Tien medewerkers
– Veel opslagruimte op open terrein
– In overleg met klant is maatwerk op voorraad
– Eigen technische dienst