We value the environment and want to be responsible stewards.
Luckily wood is environmental friendly and easy to recycle.

Den Doelder Pallets stands for:

– Ecologically managed forests.
– We use a lot of so-called thinnings. This is wood that is cut in order to allow the other trees more room to grow.
– Our waste products – such as short pieces of wood, wood chippings and sawdust – are used in the chipboard industry.

Member of the branch organisation EPV Nederland (Emballage en Pallet Vereniging) (Wooden Packaging and Pallet Association) | www.epv.nl
We are affiliated to the Stichting Kringloop Hout (Foundation for recycling of wood) | www.kringloophout.nl

Ready for international shipping

If you export your products outside the European borders you must comply with the international legislation ISPM15. We guarantee that our products do comply with the requirements stated in this legislation. You can check this by seeing the unique mark on our products: NL 007. Go to our certificate

Eco friendly insect treatment

Our methods against insects are eco-friendly. Instead of gassing with methylbromide we use heat treatment. This treatment is only necessary if you export outside of Europe. ISPM15 is applied in different ways in different countries. You can read more about this on the website of IPPC. Here you will find the most recent updates of the ISPM15 legislation.

Check www.ippc.int for more information.